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""I met Him ... in my bedroom, by myself. Just me & Him. He told me that I needed to surrender my entire life to Him.""

[Cock Ninja Studios]Brother Sister One More Time FULL VIDEO

[Cock Ninja Studios]Brother Sister One More Time FULL VIDEO

El's face was contorted in a mix of pain and intense pleasure, as she inched Luke's cock further and further up her tight virgin cunt. Luke's cock met no resistance, as El had said she broke her hymen while doing gymnastics while younger, and finally she was resting on his lap, connected by his cock buried as deep as possible in her tight pussy.

Slowly El began to rise and fall on his cock, at first rising only an inch or s,y before letting herself fall back onto his lap. Gradually she rose higher and higher until just the head remained in her of Luke's cock remained in her pussy before she slid back down.

They were both panting, and trying to stifle their moans as qngel pleasure grew. Luke gripped El's ass as they fucked faster. He was beginning to feel that Pornsyar sensation which signalled he would be close to cumming and he told El so.

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