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Best Russian wife whom all Ass

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"Oh, dear. 45% of all pregnancies are ended because the fertilized egg never adheres to the womb. Would you like to take a guess at that number? Does that not mean God kills more babies than he saves?"



He was roughly 5 foot 10, and thin as a rake, with a mop of curly, dirty blonde hair which sat on his head. He had one hair style, which was how his hair was when he climbed out of bed in the morning.

He ran his fingers through it, hoping it might magically change slightly so he'd look a little better, but his hair just slid back to the position it had been before. He sighed and returned his glance to the street, waiting in nervous anticipation.

El had been hinting at him for the last week that she wanted to have sex with him, which came as a huge surprise. They had been dating for about two months and like most sixteen year olds their hormones had been dictating their activities.

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  1. Best Russian wife whom all Ass
    Tauran1 year ago

    A lot of your points of Christians having Christ I agree with however, there's teachings of the OT where many Gods are the same God is wrongly taught as well. It's the reason why God spoke to Abraham, He chose Abraham to go out and preach to others that there's only one God in areas where people believed in many Gods. The OT is full of many Gods. We see the difference between them when the God of Abraham didn't let Abraham kill his own son whereas any other God would've, that's the message of the story. In the OT we also read of people believing that they could get nearer to their God/s by offering different types of sacrifices. Rituals that were performed by men who thought that it was a way to please their God, a tradtion that's still performed today. Whereas the NT teaches that there's no need to please the many gods by having many sacrifices, all can be done away with by only one sacrifice therefore serving only the one God, a transition that Abraham first started with. False doctrine isn't exclusive just to the NT. I agree with you about Christians falsely believing that Lucifer is Satan especially when scripture itself says the opposite. They also have the wrong understanding to the message taught of the garden, the message follows the creation of the realm that God made for us therefore it's a continuous story on how He made man, it's about how man came to be not how he fell, there's no mentioning of him falling, but as you said that's what they see.

  2. Grogor
    Grogor1 year ago

    You don't. Simply understanding what a mirror test shows demonstrates awareness--that doesn't require a degree, just the ability to reason.

  3. Mir
    Mir1 year ago

    I just try to brighten people's day :P

  4. Best Russian wife whom all Ass
    Mikakora1 year ago

    Liar. "... if that is wrong them please give us your definition of "woman" (without referring to biology of course)."

  5. Best Russian wife whom all Ass
    Zolojas11 months ago

    I posted a lengthy reply recounting some of the allegations by the complainants from the Buzzfeed article. It contained very frank and sexual language from the complainant's recitation of the facts, however, so Disqus or Religion may have auto-censored it (which is hilarious in light of your moderator status and your complaining about "free speech" being violated). Suffice it to say that the allegations against Silverman and Krauss were very serious. Their organizations found them sufficient to require action.

  6. Fekazahn
    Fekazahn11 months ago

    Not yet, trying hard tho ;-)

  7. Tejin
    Tejin11 months ago

    Enjoy your morning fellas??

  8. Fenrisar
    Fenrisar11 months ago

    Democrats,.....wanting more given to them than they actually earn. Never ending story.

  9. Знакомства
    Zulkilar11 months ago

    "science teachers all over the world teach that science and the physical world are the only way to explain the universe."

  10. Best Russian wife whom all Ass
    Akinojas11 months ago

    Isn't the global economy controlled by USA and USA is actively trying to bring the end of times ?

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