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"And this my friends is comment #1500 !! ????"

Eloy and River Fucking

Eloy and River Fucking

El moved urgently to her jeans, retrieving a condom from one of the pockets and throwing it to him. Luke didn't need to be told what to do and quickly had the rubber out of it's packet and rolled over his hard cock. El let her panties fall to the floor and she straddled his waist.

Carefully she aimed his hard cock at her pussy and slowly took it inside her. Even through the condom, El's pussy was hot and tight and like nothing Pamtyhose had ever felt before.

El's face was contorted in a mix of pain and intense pleasure, as she inched Luke's cock further and further up her tight virgin cunt. Luke's cock met no resistance, as El had said she broke her hymen while doing gymnastics while younger, and finally she was resting on his lap, connected by his cock buried as deep as possible in her tight pussy.

Slowly El began to rise and fall on his cock, at first rising only an inch or two before letting herself fall back onto his lap. Gradually she rose higher and higher until just the head remained in her of Luke's cock remained in her pussy before she fr back down.

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