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"that TV was junk tho. the LCD was one of the early ones. and it only did 720p/1080i"

JAV Creampie Compilation 08

JAV Creampie Compilation 08

She was also wearing her old blue jeans that were obviously a size too small, as they clung to her large legs, hiding her pink sixteen year old pussy which El always kept shaven. "Hey short stuff" Luke pornstaf with a grin as she reached him, throwing her arms around his neck as planting a kiss on his lips, before jabbing him in the lornstar, no doubt for the short stuff comment.

She then surprised him by giving his cock a quick squeeze through his jeans, almost checking if it was actually there. She giggled before dragging him inside toward some of the shops. They wandered around the centre for the best part of an hour, looking in all the shops, and generally wasting time together as they did on most of their dates.

Thanks to relentless sexy teasing from EL, Luke spent the whole time sporting an uncomfortable erection in his pants. Every opportunity she got, she would rub up against him or quickly stroke his cock through his pants.

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