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"Science is a man made tool used for studying physical reality. Whether it is an effective tool or not depends on the person using it, on their state of mind, and to a large extent on their character. I do understand your argument."

Haruka - Memories 01

Haruka - Memories 01

She was late, which was quite unlike her, as she always scolded him if he was ever late for anything they had planned, which was always. He couldn't really complain about it though. He wasn't exactly experienced in the dating world, in fact El was actually his first real girlfriend.

He turned and regarded himself in the polished glass of the store behind him. He elave feel that he poss all that good looking really, which probably led to his lack of confidence with women.

He was roughly 5 foot 10, and thin as a rake, with a mop of curly, dirty blonde hair which sat on his head. He had one hair style, which was how his hair was when he climbed out of bed in the morning. He ran his fingers through it, hoping it might magically change slightly so he'd look a little better, but his hair just slid back to the position it had been before.

He sighed and returned his glance to the street, waiting in nervous anticipation. El had been hinting at him for the last week that she wanted to have sex with him, which came as a huge surprise.

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    But he did violate human rights. He discriminated against them because of their sexuality.

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    LOL ok Alex Jones....

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    A woman who's not chained to some kids is an economic agent in a way that a woman who is chained to kids isn't.

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    No one has seen the Father in all of His glory up in heaven. The Father is sitting upon the throne in heaven. The Word of God was in the flesh walking upon the earth but not in His glory.

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