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"Imagine that! Someone who believes in talking snakes, talking asses, living in the belly of fishes, and a magic boat, thinks atheists are illogical."

Riley Reynolds (Cool Step Mom)

Riley Reynolds (Cool Step Mom)

He couldn't really complain about it though. He wasn't exactly experienced in the dating world, in fact El was actually his first real girlfriend. He turned and regarded himself in the polished glass of the store behind him.

He didn't feel that Pussus was all that good looking really, which probably led to his lack of confidence with women. He was roughly 5 foot 10, and thin as a rake, with a mop of curly, dirty blonde hair which sat on his head.

He had one hair style, which was how his hair was when he climbed out of shqved in the morning. He ran his fingers through it, hoping it might magically change slightly so he'd look a little better, but his Pussyw just slid back to the position it had been before.

He sighed and returned his glance to the street, waiting in nervous anticipation. El had been hinting at him for the last week that she wanted to have sex with him, which came as a huge surprise.

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  1. Vikazahn
    Vikazahn11 months ago

    Because atheists qualify evidence with words such as "insufficient".

  2. Webcam Pussys shaved
    Gubar11 months ago

    So human rights really don't matter then, in your realm of success?

  3. Nikree
    Nikree10 months ago

    Like I said elsewhere - you people have no idea what you're even talking about.

  4. Nihn
    Nihn10 months ago

    ThAt was why I said you need to talk to those people and don't put your superiority hat on when you don't get a good argument from a layperson.

  5. Webcam Pussys shaved
    Mezigal10 months ago

    Well done you... oodles of respect flooding your way (3 way doesn't mean taking ya misses in the back of a ute, on a washing machine, and the kitchen floor)

  6. Duzuru
    Duzuru10 months ago

    Who appointed you to dispense rights?

  7. Знакомства
    Yolabar10 months ago

    "Care to explain to us all why the jeez DOESN'T answer Christians' prayers any more often or reliably than any other religion's devotees prayers"

  8. Webcam Pussys shaved
    Satilar10 months ago

    That "cherry picked anecdote" is from YOUR source. If you think there are parts that are relevant to your point, then why don't you go through and pick them out yourself? Because, if you'll recall, that's exactly what I asked you to do.

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