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"Because uneducated masses believe what has proven to be lies?"

Sleeping Teen Stepsister Wakes Up to a Hard Cock

Sleeping Teen Stepsister Wakes Up to a Hard Cock

She kissed him again, before carefully sliding off his lap and going over to the sink. Luke, having recovered from his post orgasmic bliss, quickly jumped up and moved up behind her. Seeing that El hadn't got off, he quickly slid two fingers into her still drenched pussy, working them in and out quickly.

El yelped at the sudden intrusion, but her surprise quickly turned to moans of pleasure as Luke's fingers found her G-spot. He rubbed frantically, trying to bring her to orgasm as quickly and intensely as possible.

A minute later he was rewarded as her pussy clenched around his fingers and her knees wobbled slightly.

Slowly El's breathing returned to normal as Luke gently pulled his fingers from, her satisfied pussy. They dressed slowly, kissed one last time, before walking back out into the centre. Trying hard to contain their laugher as the cleaner, who had been waiting outside, stared after them as they left.


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  1. history
    Goltijas11 months ago

    "The need to express ourselves and to speak our minds is our common denominator." And we choose to do so on diqus where our every post and comment is subject to censorship.

  2. Знакомства
    Tojabar11 months ago

    No just pointing out that none of the charges have anything to do with the campaign or Trump. They are all tied to actions that took place years ago.

  3. Doukasa
    Doukasa11 months ago

    Try googling this "Forbes the top 10 Countries to do business in" and count how many are governed by democratic socialist ideals.

  4. Tocage
    Tocage10 months ago

    Aww haha thanks XD

  5. history
    Arashikasa10 months ago

    If Trump ordered Mueller fired then he would be unemployed. Maybe he if it happened he could be like Brennan and be a shill for CNN. Didn't you hear Cohen and his Clinton lawyer both say that Donald didn't know of the meeting?

  6. Nikogar
    Nikogar10 months ago

    These are the colors I am close to. Black...brown...

  7. Dazshura
    Dazshura10 months ago

    So Pete got turned into a horny toad. lol

  8. Знакомства
    Nishura10 months ago

    your logic isn't adding up, if that helps.

  9. Yozshukora
    Yozshukora9 months ago

    "her time to go"?? Seriously?

  10. Знакомства
    Zuzil9 months ago

    He's not talking to the players - he talking about the players to his base at these weird rallies he holds as if he is still on the campaign trail. He's looking for enemies, not solutions. There may be nuance here for you, or you may like football enough that you're bucking your master on this one, but don't pretend that Trump is having some honest conversation with America about values or patriotism. He's going to West Virginia, pointing at black people, and saying the son of a bitches should be fired or get out of the country. You can't make that noble or nuanced.

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